Vision & Mission


St Columba is set at the heart of the village of Collingtree and seeks to serve the community of the village through service and sharing the Christian faith.  Over the past 10 years or so the demographics of the village changed, the congregation became smaller and the church was made part of a group of five rural churches sharing one vicar

This clearly limited the scope of the church’s mission.

A number of things have now changed!

 In 2019 plans were approved for major new housing developments with the building of Collingtree Park and the forthcoming Rowtree development and it was felt that a new solution was needed to provide Christian witness and ministry to this growing community.

To respond to these new developments, with the resulting increase in Collingtree's population, discussions began in January 2019 with St Giles Northampton to think and pray towards how a partnership with this larger church might enable ministry and mission to be resourced to face this new challenge.  In April 2019 a draft roadmap towards this vision was agreed with the following areas identified as essential to support these aspirations:

  1. A strong desire to see ministry and mission continue in the village
  2. A willingness to embrace change to facilitate a new chapter in the church’s life
  3. A desire for a clergy ‘presence’ in the village as a focus for the spiritual life of the church

Implementation of these plans had to be partly paused but during the the rest of 2020 some progress was achieved towards these goals including:

  • The incorporation of Collingtree parish into the Greater Northampton deanery as an independent parish.
  • The appointment of Rev. James Howson on a 'house for duty' basis to lead St Columba Church.  James is also a member of the staff team of St Giles Church to facilitate the onging partnership between the two churches.
  • Members of St Giles were also asked to pray and consider joining a team to help support St Columba. See St Giles - Collingtree plan for more details. 

When the current pandemic struck in early 2020 much of the plan had to be put on hold although a number of St Giles members joined with St Columba for prayer during 2019, and attended services when these were allowed.  Currently the in-church Sunday services and the online Tuesday bible study and fellowship group on Zoom has members from both churches.

Once the current pandemic eases we plan to look again at the resources needed to enable St Columba to take it's mission forward to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in Collingtree Parish .

We are looking to the future and praying that God will bless this new venture with new people, new energy, new commitment and above all His bountiful grace. We welcome new faces and those who stick with us will be able to have a formative influence upon the church’s life.

First published on: 28th October 2020