We are delighted that you are considering getting married at St Columba Collingtree. It is always a great joy when a man and a woman are joined together in Holy Matrimony and we would be delighted to discuss your wedding plans with you.

One of you will need to live in the parish or you will need a qualifying connection.

For more information call the Rev’d James Howson on 01604 555020 and leave a message if necessary.

Please bear in mind the following;

  1. You can only marry at St Columba if you qualify to do so.

  2. There are particular considerations involved with foreign nationals.

  3. It is currently illegal for same sex couples to marry in church.

  4. If you have had a civil wedding you may be able to have a service of prayer and dedication (blessing) at St Columba.

You can find more information about getting married in the Church of England on these websites:

Weddings | The Church of England

The Church of England | Weddings (

First published on: 18th November 2020